Identifying and Managing First Amendment Audit Events

Chapter Zoom Webinar September 29, 2022 from 12:00 – 1:30 PM EST

The Maine Chapter invites you to a webinar appropriate for anyone involved in a community-facing service role: public servants, security professionals, law enforcement or future professionals in these or similar fields. It will assist an understanding of how to reduce organizational risk by managing these events in keeping with First Amendment rights, application of soft skills, and broadly minimizing controversy or perceived overreach.

Our speaker is Maxwell Nosbisch, Manager of Visitor Experiences at the First Amendment Museum in Augusta, ME. He brings professional education and experience in Historical Preservation and Community Planning, Museum Studies, and Cultural Landscape Conservation, and passion for civic engagement and First Amendment Rights. He performs outreach to organizations to educate staff in public places to prepare for these audits in respectful, lawful engagement with citizen activists for mutual benefit.

Chapter members have received a link to register. Guests may forward contact information and request for a registration link to the Secretary at Registrants will receive an e-mail reminder prior to the date.

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