Chapter Activity 12/6/23 “Distributed Acoustic Sensing”

Our speaker via Microsoft Teams was Dane Langen at Luna.  Mr. Langen supports many different client types focused mainly on public and private sector critical infrastructure across the US, and he will discuss the principals of distributed acoustic sensing as it relates to security with a technology review, security platform analysis and case studies.

Luna Innovations is a provider of fiber optic sensing instruments and solutions for testing, measurement and sensing for infrastructure safety and security applications.  Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) products offer real time-based detection and activity and event classification.  A typical DAS solution is comprised of a standard fiber optic cable (sensing element), laser interrogator (light transmitter/receiver), processing server (signal processing of vibrations, temperature and strain with algorithms looking for patterns, phase and frequency shift in the light) and a GUI software. DAS has many applications including monitoring perimeters where detection of people on foot, in vehicles or other are of importance, as well as other events which can produce vibrations, shock waves, etc. (e.g., leaking pipelines, explosions, etc.). 

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